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Carryon Packing List for Summer Travel

March 25, 2019

Did you catch my post on tips and tricks for packing in a carry-on? If you haven’t, read it here.

In my other post, I answered all of your Q&A’s for packing in a carry-on! Just some strategies I use, FAQs that I usually get, and why exactly I do it! Now, onto the fun part! What all can I cram into my carry on suitcase? Here is my packing list that I generally follow for Summer travel – this has worked for me in destinations like Mexico, Hawaii, Croatia, and Spain, for example. It could pretty much work anywhere you are going that involves fun, sun, and water!

 Here is my packing list:

3 Pairs of Shoes: one pair of tennis shoes (or espadrilles, depending on if you’re just walking or hiking), one or two pairs of flat sandals in neutral colors, one pair of wedges for dressier events. I will note, I make sure ALL of my shoes are comfy – yep, even the wedges!

4 – 5 Tops: I really focus on the basics that I can mix and match with everything! A button-down blouse is also a perfect item to mix and match.

One jacket – for summer and spring travel, one jacket should be fine. I find a jean jacket, a good neutral waterfall jacket, or utility jacket is the best option. Wear it on the plane!

Bathing suits: Mix and match bikinis are a great idea! Also, swim cover-ups that can double as outfits. Swim is easy because you can fit a ton since they are tiny!

Accessories: luckily, accessories take up little to no room, so I pack as many as I can! Scarves, earrings and hair accessories can really change up a plain outfit! Three dresses: I try to only pack around three or four dresses only. A t-shirt dress can be worn in multiple ways!


3 Bottoms MAX: I take a pair of jean shorts, black shorts (usually paper bag or ruffle type) that I can wear with multiple tops, and a pair of leggings (perfect for outdoor hikes and also for plane rides). Also, I love two-piece outfits. I always take at least one because I can mix and match the tops and bottoms. But LIMIT the bottoms – seriously to 2 or 3.

4 Dresses: I pack a few dress or jumpsuits. I try to limit the maxi dresses since they are bulkier to pack! Two peice combos are also key to mix and match wardrobe!


Other than travel-sized beauty items, my travel steamer, and undies, that about covers all of my essentials in my carryon! Stay tuned to see what I pack in my person item bag next!

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