Make That: Glitter Pumpkins for Fall

October 21, 2017

I swear Fall isn’t here yet (its 75 degrees out today!) but I am still whole heartedly in the fall mood to decorate! I love a fun DIY project, and these pumpkins were totally inspired by all the fall pumpkins I saw at Joann Fabrics that were priced at $19.99 (okay technically $10 because Joann’s always has a coupon).Anyways, these glitter pumpkins cost less than $5 to make, are super fun and take less than an hour! So get to crafting!

Supplies Needed:

– Dollar tree pumpkins

– Spray paint (I have a whole collection)

– Modge podge (also from the Dollar Tree)

– Glitter / sequins from Target in the dollar section

– Paintbrush (craft one, not an actual wall paint one)

Also, in case you have never worked with glitter, work in a cardboard box lid, on a piece of cardboard or outside. Glitter gets everywhere.

Step One: 

Spray paint your pumpkins. Since they are orange, it will take a couple coats. I painted both white then decided to paint one of them with gold spray paint too.

Step two:

Decide where you want the glitter by painting the glue in those spots on your pumpkin. I wanted most of the glitter at the top, and less as it went down the pumpkin, so I started painting at the top.

Step three:

Pour the glitter on the glue, letting the excess fall off.

Your pumpkin will look like this:

Step four:

Continue to layer on glue and sprinkling glitter. If any spots are missing, paint more glue on (it will dry clear so you can paint it right over the glitter!)

Step five:

 Once you’re done layering glitter, you can spray with a finishing clear coat (get it at any craft store!) or leave as is

Step six:

Display your masterpiece! I had the perfect spot on my mantle, and love the contrast with the red leaves. I also picked up the string lights from the dollar spot at Target!


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