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Stretch your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

March 6, 2018

If you are a blogger or an IG influencer, chances are you already posted outfits with #allthespringwear and packed up your parkas and OTK boots for the next few months. But if you are me, and especially if you live in climates where its still cold AF and about to snow tomorrow, then you have to figure out how to still start welcoming in spring clothes with open arms while still embracing that arctic air. There are so many winter pieces you can incorporate into your spring wardrobe – plus its an easy way to save money by using what you already have in your wardrobe. Here are some easy ideas below!

Cropped Pants or Cullotes

I know I have at least three pairs of winter cropped pants that I planned on packing up – but with a pair of mules, a crop top, or maybe a blazer – you can easily transition these pants into spring. Just save the heavy textures and fabrics like wool for next season!

 Peep Toe Booties

You don’t need to freeze your toes off (literally) with sandals quite yet! Peep toe booties are seriously the perfect year-round shoe! I wear mine with tights in the winter, but obviously, they are perfect for the spring transition.

Cardigans + Sweaters

Okay, I know, no-brainer. But SO many people pack up ALL of their sweaters and cardis at this point in the year, but don’t! All of your lighter colored hued cardigans are perfect belted and over a dress, over a tank top that you’re dying to wear that you can’t without freezing, or even thrown over a pair of shorts!

Midi Skirts

Not quite warm enough for a midi, but still want to show off your legs? A midi skirt is a perfect alternative! I am partial to a pleated midi, but I would wear any. When it’s still chilly, pair it with a pair of ankle boots or tights, and when its warm  – easily throw on a pair of wedges!

Pair your Winter Blouses or Sweaters with Light Denim

I have a couple off the shoulder tops in winter colors that I don’t want to put away yet. For example – I have a burgundy bell sleeve top that I usually wear with black jeans – but in the Spring, I can wear them with a pair of light denim. A grey sweater is also perfect with a pair of mint green denim or white denim, also!

A few other ideas below – wearing some spring dresses for winter – but a quick swap out of the shoes + turtleneck means I am spring ready!

Follow along all Spring long as I incorporate more winter wear into my wardrobe!

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