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Make That: Embroidered Denim Jacket

November 19, 2017

I made this jacket a few months ago – I know, I’m a little late with this DIY (insert emoji with hand slapping face). But alas, here it is now! I first saw the embroidered denim trend posted by Madewell, and when I found this denim jacket at a secondhand clothing sale for $2 – I knew it would be perfect for this DIY embroidered denim jacket. I purchased the patches from People have mixed reviews about this site.. which I get.. but these were $1, so I went for it. The shipping was fast and the quality was spot on.

I will tell you – sewing through denim with a machine is very difficult. So for this tutorial, you can use a machine or hand sew – I did both! None was better than the other but obviously a machine is way easier to use.

Supplies Needed:

– Sewing pins
– Embroidery patches (you can buy from Wish, Joann Fabrics, Etsy, etc.
– Denim Jacket
– Thread in coordinated colors
– 16/100 needle for sewing machine (YOU NEED A SPECIAL NEEDLE! or it will break)

Step one:

Using the sewing pins, pin the patches where you want them on the denim jacket. I would add more pins than necessary to hold them into place.



Step two:

If using a machine: Using the special needle for denim, begin sewing in sections with coordinating thread. I used a straight stitch, 3mm length. Begin with the red parts of the flowers, first. Then change your thread to green and do the green patches.

If hand sewing: If hand sewing, I would absolutely watch a quick youtube tutorial if this is your first rodeo. Also, use a long, thick needle. Work in small sections, staying on the outside of the patches. Make sure you tie it off underneath. Its easier but time consuming because the denim is so thick.

Make sure to stay on the outer edges with your sewing, like this:


**Keep in mind that any of the patches over the pockets will be a bit harder to sew. I would advise doing these sections by hand to prevent breaking the needle on the sewing machine.

Step three: 

Go around and make sure all edges are sewed down. Here is an example of just the flower sewn, but not the rest:

You are done! Now rock your DIY jacket with your favorite black denim pants like I’m doing below 🙂






  • Ella Bryerton

    December 19, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    Could you leave a link to the exact patches, because I’ve looked for about an hour and can’t find any under $7 with $6? Thanks!

    1. Jen DeCaro

      December 20, 2017 at 2:29 am

      Hi! Go on the Wish app :)! I don’t think I can send it through here since its an app?! But if you search rose patches you will find it!!

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