Saturday, September 23, 2017

What to Wear on a Hot Fall Day (1)

You guys, I laid out and got a suntan today. Yep, on the second day of fall. I also enjoyed a summer beer (which I got on sale at the beer distributor - I know, I find sales no matter where I go!). So that being said, I have to laugh when I see sweaters, boots, leggings, scarves when its nearing 90 degrees outside. But I know its a total faux paus to wear shorts and a brightly colored tank and sandals, right? So this week, while the weather is hot (and I am enjoying every minute of it!) I will be sharing some fall looks that are totally 1. comfortable in the heat and 2. totally fall appropriate.

First up, I have to share my absolute favorite dress from Old Navy. It's called the "Fit and Flare Cami" dress, and it is super flattering. I always size up with these ones so that its super comfortable. I think that Old Navy keeps the same shape, but every season adds new patterns to its fit and flare collection. The dress I'm wearing today is from last fall, but they have a super similar one this fall!

The best part?! Its on sale right now at Old Navy for only $19 and comes in 9 different patterns! I stocked up and got three last year - one white, one black, and one greyish/blueish. When its hot out, its perfect the way it is, with a pair of sneakers or peep toe booties (which is how I styled it), and when it starts to get chilly, I love it with a long cardigan or faux suede jacket, and booties.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Making Shorts Work in the Fall

Hi all! I swear when I took these pictures it truly was 65 degrees and breezy. Now, as I sit here and write this, the AC unit in my bedroom is running full blast and tomorrow will be high 80's. Anyways, perfect time to keep on wearing my shorts!

Transitioning your favorite summer pieces into fall is a great way to save money - you don't have to buy as many pieces, and can expand your wardrobe for virtually free! Jean shorts, white pants / skirts, maxi dresses, and even summer dresses can all easily be transitioned into fall.

Shorts totally work for fall - just pair them with booties, boots, a jacket or cardi, and you're set!
One my of favorite pairs of shorts are these acid washed, high waisted ones from Target that I got last year. This cute tank is from a resale boutique (that I also volunteer at!) called Wearwoof - it was only $5. I wore it tucked in, but it also has a fun little ruffle hem so you can wear it untucked as well. My jacket is from Shein (similar here). Have you shopped there before? I have heard mixed reviews - but I can only speak to my experience, and its been nothing but great! The shipping was reasonable and the price point was super cheap - this jacket was less than $15. I made this choker - and it made the perfect final touch. These peep toe booties are an absolute FAVE of mine from Gojane (similar here)  - a must for shoe needs!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Cold Shoulder Top & Off White Jeans

Happy Friday friends! I am definitely excited for the weekend - and the last weekend (officially) of summer :(. Yes, I know, all my fellow bloggers are stoked for Fall but not me! I could deal with the heat, flowy dresses and sandals all year long!

Since it definitely has started to feel like fall already in Pittsburgh, I knew this cold shoulder top I bought from Marshalls would be perfect with my favorite pair of off white jeans. And I found these shoes under my bed and was SO happy when I did - I haven't seen these in years!(#shoppingproblems)

This top was $4, like I said, during Marshalls yellow tag end of summer clearance sale. I have no idea what the actual name of the sale is - but I know when I see a yellow tag at Marshalls, I must snatch it up because its a super low price! These off white distressed denim jeans are from American Eagle - I got these on another major clearance sale, and why I love them for fall is because they are the perfect shade of off white (although, I am not opposed to wearing white after Labor Day!) The shoes, like I mentioned, are definitely old, but I think they are from Marshalls or TJMaxx as well? Either way, they were a good deal.

I hope you all have some fun plans this weekend - sip on some summer beers and enjoy the last days of heat before the sun goes into hibernation -and  save those PSLs and blanket scarves for the colder weather!!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Lifestyles - Hair Products I Splurge / Save on

My blog is about living an affordable lifestyle, but from time to time I totally splurge on items. Like I always say, I love a good balance. Hair, beauty, and makeup are definitely some areas where I splurge, especially because its part of my everyday look and style. I am not particularly brand loyal to any beauty brand, but these three items below are part of my everyday routine and worth every single penny that they cost!

1. It's a 10 Leave in treatment: I haven't found a product that compares to this yet - it basically does 10 things for your hair (listed on the bottle) and I use it after I shower every morning. I have been loyal to this for over 5 years now. It's great for mending split ends and making my hair less frizzy. I can honestly tell when I don't use it so I think that speaks to how well the product works. This is pretty pricey but the 10 oz. bottle has lasted me 6 months so it has proved to be well worth the investment.

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo - Divine Dark: Can we say lifesaver in a bottle? My one major gripe with dry shampoo is the white residue it leaves (my hair is lighter now, but because its bayalaged, the roots are always much darker than my ends). My sister turned me onto this one, and I haven't bought anything since! Since it has a hint of brown in it, it never leaves a white streak and does an amazing job at absorbing oil. The price point is so good for this product as well - it is usually around $7 from Target or Walmart. It also comes in a red and blonde shade too!

3. Rusk Thick - Body and Texture Amplifier: A must. I tried every volumizer out there because my hair is thin and fine, if I am being honest, so I need literally everything I can get my hands on it to up the volume. I use this on my towel dried hair, and after I blowdry, I can actually feel the lift throughout my hair. Seriously, try it. For being a hair salon brand, it's not that expensive!

Tell me about your favorite hair products! What's worth the splurge? What's not? Whats a cheap product that you swear by?

And stay tuned, I will be posting about the absolute best ways to save on beauty products in a future post!