Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers for Her Under $10

This is my first gift guide..ever! And I am super excited about it! All of my gift guides will feature super affordable gift ideas!

For this one, I am featuring stocking stuffers UNDER $10 YOU GUYS. And I am not talking about junk you don't want - more like the cutest socks, adorable set of mugs, and cutest home decor! I even found a velvet clutch under $10! This would be perfect if you need to just buy you sister one more small thing, or have a few female co-workers you need to buy for and can't spend alot! And you could keep something like a few of these candles or plants laying around in case you need a last minute gift for someone you forgot (Oops!) - but I got you! Shop all of these items right below!

Monday, November 20, 2017

White Sleeveless Blazer Outfit at Designer Days

How was your weekend? I have been wanting to post this look for a while now and I am finally getting around to it!

Did you see my instagram posts promoting Designer Days for Thriftique? The event occurred at the beginning of November & it was such a huge success - I especially love the mission! If you aren't familiar, the event is the biggest fundraiser for the National Council of Jewish Women, Pittsburgh Section. This organization does so much for the women, children and families of the community - including projects like Workforce Entry & Re-entry and Economic Independence for Women. (You can find out more by checking our their website - http://www.ncjwpgh.org).

The event kicked off with a Patron event Thursday, and ran through Sunday, including half off remaining inventory on Sunday. I picked up SO many good pieces - and the best part is you are shopping with a cause! You know your purchases are making an impact in the community and who doesn't love that?

Anyways, it's hard to pick a favorite, but I absolutely fell in love with this Black House White Market sleeveless blazer I picked up. I paired it with all black and these SUPER fun embroidered boots I got at Marshalls for a little pop of color. You can shop sleeveless blazers + sleeveless cardis that are super similar to my look below!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Make That: Embroidered Denim Jacket

I made this jacket a few months ago - I know, I'm a little late with this DIY (insert emoji with hand slapping face). But alas, here it is now! I first saw the embroidered denim trend posted by Madewell, and when I found this denim jacket at a secondhand clothing sale for $2 - I knew it would be perfect for this DIY embroidered denim jacket. I purchased the patches from Wish.com. People have mixed reviews about this site.. which I get.. but these were $1, so I went for it. The shipping was fast and the quality was spot on.

I will tell you - sewing through denim with a machine is very difficult. So for this tutorial, you can use a machine or hand sew - I did both! None was better than the other but obviously a machine is way easier to use.

Supplies Needed:

- Sewing pins
- Embroidery patches (you can buy from Wish, Joann Fabrics, Etsy, etc.
- Denim Jacket
- Thread in coordinated colors
- 16/100 needle for sewing machine (YOU NEED A SPECIAL NEEDLE! or it will break)

Step one:

Using the sewing pins, pin the patches where you want them on the denim jacket. I would add more pins than necessary to hold them into place.

Step two:

If using a machine: Using the special needle for denim, begin sewing in sections with coordinating thread. I used a straight stitch, 3mm length. Begin with the red parts of the flowers, first. Then change your thread to green and do the green patches.

If hand sewing: If hand sewing, I would absolutely watch a quick youtube tutorial if this is your first rodeo. Also, use a long, thick needle. Work in small sections, staying on the outside of the patches. Make sure you tie it off underneath. Its easier but time consuming because the denim is so thick.

Make sure to stay on the outer edges with your sewing, like this:

**Keep in mind that any of the patches over the pockets will be a bit harder to sew. I would advise doing these sections by hand to prevent breaking the needle on the sewing machine.

Step three: 

Go around and make sure all edges are sewed down. Here is an example of just the flower sewn, but not the rest:

You are done! Now rock your DIY jacket with your favorite black denim pants like I'm doing below :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

3 Budget Saving Shopping Tips

I get asked a lot how I get such good deals, so I thought it would be super helpful to start sharing some shopping tips with you. Obviously the rules change if you are shopping retail vs. shopping secondhand, so I will make sure to share tips on both!

This week I was on the hunt for leopard mules. Coupon in hand, I ran over to DSW to see if they had the mules I found online in the store. Unfortunately they didn't :(. So I figured, while I'm here, I might as well browse the clearance section. When I browse the clearance section, I am always looking for the best deal - so 50-70% off is my jam. I spotted rose gold Steve Madden sandals (the EXACT same ones that everyone was rocking this past summer - the ones I walked around in freaking Ibiza in without my feet hurting. I LOVE these shoes). Anyways, the shoes were marked $59.99 but lo and behold...the GREEN sticker - which meant these babies were 70% off!! Rose gold, sandals, comfy, need I say more? I know I had to have them. Right next to them were the cutest powder blue block heel sandals - hey while I am buying sandals, might as well get two pairs, am I right?! These ones were 80% off so on sale for $8. So I bought them, used a coupon, and somehow walked out only spending $15. Kind of shocking, right? 

So my shopping strategies all worked in perfect harmony with each other for this purchase - so I definitely want to share these three favorite tips with all of you.

1. Shop in the off season. I think I say this a lot, but its true. I always shop items after the season ends in order to get the best deals. That means I am buying bathing suits in October, sandals in November, and winter jackets in April. But seriously, this is the time to get the best deals. Sometimes you can get lucky and buy items that you can wear for another month (example - Marshalls gets rid of summer items at the end of August) but other times, you are buying sandals in November and are going to have to wait a few months to wear them again. Always keep your eye open to the clearance after the season is over!

2. Take advantage of coupons. Yes, promo codes are a no brainer since you can google them, but there is something to be said about signing up for mailing lists and getting coupons in the mail. When I get promos in my email, sometimes they get lost in the hundreds of emails I receive.  Kohls, JcPenney, and DSW have REALLY good coupons that they send in the mail. Kohls frequently will send a % off coupon, and DSW sends coupons that are close to 50% off your purchase! I used a $10 off $25 in order to get my sandals for $15. USE THE COUPONS PEOPLE; that is what they are for!

3. Check in store for clearance vs. online. Here's another one that some of you may not know. The online prices can vary significantly from store clearance prices. The rose gold sandals online are $59.99. The in store price was $17.99. I also see this ALOT with Target; the in store clearance is almost always better than what you get online. So, as convenient as online shopping is, it absolutely pays to check out the stores.